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Computer Basics

Getting started and moving on


The following links may refer to Windows, Android, Google but essentially the information is the same for all

although there may be some differences between Windows, AppleMac, Android

that will be unique to your device/operating system/browser.



Pros and Cons between PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.


PC or Laptop?  C L I C K


Laptop or Tablet/Smartphone?  C L I C K




How a computer works and what to do when it doesn't.


How a computer works  C L I C K


What to do when it doesn't work  C L I C K




What a computer can do  C L I C K




What are Peripherals  C L I C K




Online Browsing, Shopping & Staying safe  C L I C K




Favourites aka Bookmarks  C L I C K




Computer & Internet Jargon  C L I C K



General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)  C L I C K